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Bronze Beach 3rd December
Posted by: James ()
Date: December 04, 2017 07:14AM

Good session at Bronze yesterday.

Conditions were excellent - sunny and windy. Shore break non-existant.

Spring low was at 9.15. I started sailing about 10:30 on a 5.0 and you had to be a little careful launching and coming in but otherwise rocks weren't an issue.

Angus ran a round of wave competition involving himself, Reuben, Ralph and Justin. There were some big moves and great sailing all round.

I sailed badly for some reason- think I was pre-occupied fiddling with my new fly-mount for the gopro and wasn't concentrating. Took a couple of big catapults, one of which bent my new chinook boom :-(

I went back to the beach and did my best to bend it straightish and was able to carry on and have a good session but it's probably not wise to continue sailing with it. Sigh.

Guess I'm on the lookout for a new boom again. Crumbs.

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