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Windy Season official launch Sat 5th Aug
Posted by: James ()
Date: August 04, 2017 08:03AM

Yes, it's here at last, the 2018 windy season!

So we kick off on Sat with a bit of a SW due.

Forecast was good earlier in the week, looking a little dodgy now but still I'm reasonably confident.

The Guru is saying threshold of 43 which is always good but the downsides are-

a) A dropping forecast
b) A little Southerly
c) Windyty showing the wind a bit off the coast

Upsides are

a) It arrives during the day
b) No rain and no cloud cover on the approach

All in all, I think it's worth a shot. Expect it to arrive around 11.30 with a big blast and then settle in.

If I had to take a single sail it would be a 5.5 but hoping to sail 5.0.

Venue - southerly probably best sailed at country club but then there's the whole having your car stolen issue.

Baggies will get the wind earliest but not best on Southerly (a bit onshore). Bronze will be fine on the high tide at 3pm but also not the greatest when it's onshore.

Bronze probably the best compromise- better than Baggies when a little onshore and the tide is high enough to clear the rocks.

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Re: Windy Season official launch Sat 5th Aug
Posted by: James ()
Date: August 07, 2017 08:13AM

Fantastic session at Bronze

It all came through and there was a great turnout of sailors.

Fergie ran a wave compo which was lots of fun and the guys were doing forwards, back loops and pushloops as well as some sweet wave-riding.

Wind pumped from 12 - 3pm and gave us a solid session on 4.5-5.0.

Awesome start to windy season. Next one to look at NE on Wed 9th.

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