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Dave Wyatt - EC Road trip / sail away
Posted by: James ()
Date: June 27, 2016 09:19AM

For any who didn't get this e-mail - here's a road trip / sail away invitation from Dave Wyatt, PE.

After last year’s non-windy long weekend at St Francis, we’re wondering if there's any interest for something similar for spring 2016?

We get to have beers and sail (in that priority) with the local sailors every now and then, and it would be great to have a gathering and sail with fellow like-minded sailors from around the country.

Any keenness, for a long weekend of sailing, surfing (JBay/St Francis) and any other social festivities ?

Thinking around Oct or Nov, which should be in windy season. (Hopefully a weekend where high tide is around 6pm, could be good)
No formal organisation or event planned.
Throw in all of the toys.
Bring the family on holiday.
Venue : St Francis area vs PE area ? (decent sailing options at both)

Spread the idea between some mates (as there are a lot of sailors that I haven't sent this to), and send your thoughts. If enough interest, then lets plan something, else carry on as you were, and see you on the water at some point.

PS: Please don't all rush back with a response at once, and any other thoughts or ideas are welcome.


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