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New animated website for live global winds
Posted by: andy ()
Date: May 03, 2015 05:29PM

I found this on Kiteforum. I quote,

"Just saw this pop up and thought it was worthy of a share.


Live wind conditions, and 14 day forecast, with search function. This looks very similar to but much better layed out and easier to use. It's accurate for my location in Vietnam while windguru is never correct this time of year.
Hope this isn't old news.

You can zoom in to any location you are interested in. The graphics are very processor intensive. My 15 year old computer had to run the processor at 72% of maximum usage, with occasional gusts to 85% to render the graphics.

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Re: New animated website for live global winds
Posted by: James ()
Date: May 04, 2015 07:21AM

Very nice, Andy. Yes, definitely better than nullschool.

Still need windguru to give you a kind of summary outlook but once you've targeted the time and place you're interested in, this gives a very nice visual for working out the surrounding conditions and also the directionality.

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