Yesterday SW
Posted by: James ()
Date: November 06, 2014 03:33PM

So it blew yesterday. Beautiful sunny skies and 25 knots...

We started at Baggies and I measured 19avg on the beach gusting into the 20s. I rigged 5.5 because I wanted a bit of power - the inside looked busy with current and shorebreak but the backline looked manageable.

We launched quite a bit upwind to counter the current drift. On my first run out I had to bear off a lot because of the current and was concerned I wouldn't be able to come in S of the rocks but after a run or two the wind picked up a knot and it was easy to stay upwind.

Ralph and the other guy (who shall not be named for fear of work reprisals) joined me and it was fun sailing but the wind was a little onshore for the riding to work nicely. There were the odd jumps and I saw these two nailing a beautiful tandem jump when I was coming in.... wish I'd had a gopro for that moment.

After a bit I brazenly sailed the swell a bit close to the beach and instead of being smart and coming in I decide to gybe in the shorebreak and head out. Mistake... first wave knocked me off mid gybe, and the second was a shocker. Ripped my kit out my hands and practically undressed me.

I swam hard for the shore and hitched a less-than graceful ride on the next two pounding foamies- despite being upwind I have learned one thing when the SW current is running at Baggies - get to the shore before it washes you into the rip next to the rocks.

Sadly my old Ezzy 5.5 was shredded but the rest of the kit happily intact.

The other blokes came in too and we decided to head for country club which should be better in the onshore wind (more offshore at CC).

Took ages to work my way through traffic and the wind in town looked non-existant though the reports from Henricus at CC were good (best sail ever etc etc)

When I got there I couldn't believe it - I measured 25 gusting 32 at the water's edge. I rigged 5 (smallest I had) and Ralph stuck with his 5.4 - brave move. Of course it was stupendously gusty so there were lulls where you'd battle to go on a 6 but at times it was really good - cross-off and flat and turquoise water and massive air.... well, if you could find a swell - it was really flat... and if you didn't jump into a lull. But fun... would have really been great if there had been a bit of a wave to play on but nothing of the sort.

Still, a good blast and sad to leave when the arms couldn't take it any more but the wind was still pumping.

Sat looks really good NE but I can't make that, I'm afraid. enjoy it all.

Re: Yesterday SW
Posted by: shrek ()
Date: November 06, 2014 04:26PM

Nice report James!

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